Most trustworthy company in BPO industry with half a decade experience.

We are a leading business process firm that focuses on working with business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

What this means is that we invest the time to educate, organize, and prepare our clients for the inevitable technology and lead prospecting issues they face. With our local presence, you can count on a unique experience and personal service. With our national network, you have access to sophisticated resources. Together, we can help achieve BPO/Client-Services goals.


  • Lead generation for insurance clients.
  • Appointment settings.
  • Outbound sales.
  • Inbound customer support.
  • Web development and security.
  • Graphic designing
Investing in people
providing them opportunities to grow

Organizational Objectives

SingleCallBPO considers projects that are shared with it as organizational goals and objectives that a client is trying to achieve. These goals can be cost reduction, having an off-shore/near-shore team for disaster recovery, ability to support global clients, or to off-load graveyard shift schedules etc.

Single Point of Contact

To convert each assignment into a success, SingleCall BPO assigns a dedicated Project Manager who is the single point of contact for the client. This assignment of single point of contact ensures that the entire process is managed professionally and tasks are executed and delivered on-time and within budget.

Dedicated Resources

SingleCallBPO believes that its team is the extension of client’s team and therefore it does not share resources between different client and projects. This allows SingleCallBPO to have a focused team whose objective is to achieve the goals set by the client. Continuous training and constant improvement enables the team to specialize in the task assigned to them.

Understanding and mastering the tasks

The dedicated model of resources enables the team to focus and specialize in clients business, processes, and tasks and when aligned with clear vision and goals set by SingleCallBPO the results achieved by the team are par excellence.

Cost Savings

The benefit of having clear objectives, dedicated resource model, specialization of tasks results in efficiencies which translate into lower cost of sharing projects, tasks and processes with SingleCallBPO.

Knowledge of American Market

SingleCallBPO management team is well experienced with extensive knowledge about consumer market. We are familiar with the insurance, solar, lead generation and appointment settings techniques. This knowledge of the local market and the ability to speak the same language and understand the needs and requirements of a client in face to face environment enables SingleCall BPO to create an atmosphere of open communication and trust.




Leads Prospecting

We automate sales prospecting using multiple databases. Find highly-targeted leads for you.

Inbound Calls

We help your business grow with the traditional approach to telephone-based customer services.

Virtual Assistance

Our mission is to help you build a real estate business that is more systematic, efficient, and profitable.


We do good all the time for our customers. Our first priority is always our customer’s benefit.

Quality Customer Support

If you ever need help, any question, any problems? Just give us a call and you will always find us helping.

We Take Care

We are honest. Our team takes care of customers and we are striving to be the best in every way possible.



Our top sellers earn in 6 digits. If you are willing to increase your earnings in a more professional environment; you may apply.

What you get with us:

  • Handsome basic salary;
  • Incentive and additional income opportunity;
  • Skill enhancement programs;
  • On job free trainings;
  • On-Time payment;
  • Long term job opportunity;
  • Co-operative management;
  • Constant Skills Development;
  • Pleasant Working Environment.

Perfect Customer Engagement Process

At SingleCallBPO exceeding client expectations and providing excellent service is a de facto function. The quality control process starts with recruiting the right people for the job and then training and empowering them to achieve outstanding results is a continuous cycle.

  • Conduct in-house formal training classes
  • Self-Study courses offered through portal
  • Searchable Knowledgebase
  • Job Shadowing
  • Review of errors/omissions
  • Coaching, Mentoring & Town Hall Meetings

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